Rebranded Media LLC

Stop feeling overwhelmed by social media.


You could click away now and never use social media at all.

You don’t need it to run a successful business. But if you do that, you’re guaranteed to be left behind. Social media networks, like websites, are here to stay. Why not dive in and do it right?

I have the simple solution for social media that reduces overwhelm and guarantees results.



The not-overwhelming-at-all approach.


Social Media COACHING

Storytelling is no longer limited to blog posts and behind the scenes photos. Your story has to be 360 degrees and 24-7. Learn how to create relationships with customers in real time.



D-I-Y kit that puts it all in perspective.

A Plan of action

A blueprint for you to use to build followers and increase engagement across your distribution channels. Plans can be simple or multi-phased depending on your resources and budget.


Jennifer rescued and revived the online presence of our business. She was generous and personable to work with, delivering stunning results under what was a tight deadline.
— Carol Butler, AP Woodworking