New Website Creation

When you think of making a website is your face like mine up there? “I’ll get to it someday”, you say. “I’ll just make something quickly in Wix or Weebly and get on with it.” You know it’s not quite that simple. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), accessibility, mobile responsiveness, copywriting, and keyword placement are all elements that improve your site’s equity. Why stress out wondering if you’re doing it right?

We’ve been making websites since 1996 and we think it’s a blast. We’ll use everything we’ve got to make your site user friendly and easy to navigate. Shouldn’t your website be your hardest working employee? 24/7 without fail? We can make that happen for you.

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Do you have a company website or online shop that needs a fresh look or new design? That’s a little bit different since we’re not starting from scratch.


Your New Website

Don’t have a budget for super-custom? No problem. We can get you up and running in six weeks* with our flexible website design solutions.

We use Squarespace, Shopify, and Wordpress to create your site.

Pricing ranges due to site needs: $5500-$7500

Web Copywriting and Copyediting

Are you writing for the web? How do you know?

Let us take your story to the next level. The level that makes people click, buy, complete, ask for more info, and generally get you paid. Isn’t that the point?

Copywriting and copyediting prices vary based on scope of work. Contact us for a quote.

Features Include:

  • One-on-one design consultation

  • Modern design features

  • Mobile friendly and responsive

  • Color palette that mirrors your branding

  • Sitemap creation

  • Social media integration

  • Social sharing integration

  • Google maps for location

  • Information request form

  • SEO meta data, titles, and descriptions for all pages

  • Placement of client supplied content

  • Custom content packages available.

  • Optimization of content

  • Favicon for bookmarking and website branding

  • Google Analytics installed

  • Admin training session to get you started



Dedication. Planning. Organization.

“Jenny is one of the best people I know at hatching truly amazing, creative ideas. Not only can she quickly generate fantastic ideas, she also has the dedication, planning and organization skills to follow through with their implementation.”

— Amanda, Orlando Economic Partnership

Mature & skilled media designer.

“Her innovative and entrepreneurial personality can be counted on to complement her skills and experience for any project that she undertakes and she is never satisfied with mediocre results.”

— Ian, ImbuE Learning

Go-to gal for anything from tech to creative.

“Jenny has often been my "go-to" gal for anything from a technical question to a cutting-edge concept. Admired and respected by her peers in the industry, she is sincere, diligent and downright dazzling.”

— Laura, CorePower Yoga