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social media strategy

Development of a plan of action for your brand’s content on the social media channels you own and use to reach your target audience. 

workshop: social media for non-profits

Have you considered where you audience is online? What they are searching for? What social media platforms they use? How do you target them with content? Or ads? Or an ask? How important are hashtags, photography, and design? We have answers.

Workshop: Video on a small budget

Learn how to create powerful videos that move your audience to action. Explore the latest mobile video tools for every budget and event.  You will plan, script, edit, and publish video content to your webpage and social profiles in this 2 hour training session. 

workshop: social media 101/201

Do you feel lost when it comes to social media?  Learn the basics so you can talk the talk. Feel empowered and informed after we go over all of today's social media platforms and how they are used to effectively move messages to your clients, customers, and audience.

social media content

Photography and video services for your brand needs on social media. Campaign based, or editorial calendar driven. Packages are available.

Content strategy

Tie all your brand content together for a cohesive approach to social, web, digital, and print.

live video host Training

Need to be a host or personality for your LIVE event on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram? Give us a call and we can help you make the experience a success.

PLAN OF ACTION: Social Media

$500 — A customized plan of action for you to manage and use. Execution guarantees results within 3 months.

Plan of action: Website evaluation

$500 — Need a website update but not sure where to start? We customize a plan of action for your business or personal brand website.