She Hustles Orlando

June 2019
The Magic of Marketing - Dissecting strategies and tips that work beyond just a well-curated Instagram.

Networking away from the ‘gram is just as important as commenting and tagging.
”Just be that authentic, real, awkward person on all of your social media. After you try, after you do it, it’s going to get better and easier and you’ll run into someone who’s struggling with the same thing. Anxiety is about awkwardness is normal. It doesn’t need to medicated or numbed away. Just lean into it and know that the person next to you is feeling that same anxiety and that same awkwardness."

Wellness by Design

March 2019
Wellness By Design - An AIGA Orlando Women Lead Initiative Event.

Twelve speakers took the stage to share experiences and insight into embracing authenticity and designing your life in wholesome ways. My 20 minute talk included tips for networking IRL and a show and tell of items pulled from a suitcase to share how to connect with others based on your own personality and things you like. Analog presentation with items and cue cards rather than digital slideshow.

UCF Graphic Design Student Association

March 2019
Content Strategy 101 - Setting up for success, discovering your audience, a few social media secrets, and email marketing basics.

This workshop was given to the GDSA as a How To presentation and packed a ton of information into a short amount of time. You can see the full presentation here.

October 2018
Citrus Space is a one-day design conference put together by the Graphic Design Student Association (GDSA) and the School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD). This will be a day of learning from professional designers. Some designers will speak about their experiences and some will host a workshop for the attendees to sharpen their design skills.

TOPIC: Townie Tourist - How it all happened and what you can learn from my mistakes.

Citrus Space 2018

September 2018
The Power of LIVE Video on Social Channels (updated)

Vlogging is more popular than ever, and now you can do it IRL. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, and even Twitter have pushed realtime voices, experiences, and stories out on the internet in ways we have only imagined. Have you ever thought about taking your blog LIVE or incorporating video in your online storytelling? You’ll learn great tips, tricks, and best practices for giving great face, sharing your voice, and expanding your reach.

International Assn of Business Communicators

Scotch & “good” Conversation podcast

September 2017
VLOGGING IRL: The Power of LIVE Video on Social Channels Workshop

LIVE Video equipment, tutorial, platforms, promotion, and more. Show and tell of economic ways to broadcast your brand content across social media.

Florida Blog Con 2017